CASDL Tester

1. CASDL Tester is a model-based testing toolkit for automatic train protection software system. It is developed by our group with our industry partner, the CASCO Signal Ltd.. The requirement specification is written in a designated domain-specific modeling language, CASDL. By analyzing the specification, the toolkit can 1) derive two kinds of diagrams, variable dependency diagrams (VDD) and state transition diagrams (STD), to capture the interactions between variables, and achieve efficient specification inspection; and 2) generate test script to effectively reveal inconsistency bugs through the comparison between the outputs from the specification and the real system execution. The figure on the right shows the interface of the tool.

2. The complete experiment demo is showed in [click here]. However, the toolkit could not be publicly available for downloading because of the confidentiality agreement.

Shanghai Key Lab for Trustworthy Computing
East China Normal University

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