Trusted Intelligent Software Engineering Lab at East China Normal University


Our laboratory is affiliated with the Software Engineering Institute at East China Normal University, and is located on the North Zhongshan Road Campus. Specifically, our address is 3663 N. Zhongshan Rd., Shanghai, China, with offices in Room 301 of the Math Building and Room 416 of the Science Building.

地址1: 华东师范大学中山北路校区数学馆301

地址2: 华东师范大学中山北路校区理科楼416 Office 301 on Google Maps Office 416 on Google Maps


We are always looking for highly motivated individuals at the Postdoctoral, PhD, Master’s, and Undergraduate levels to join our research group. If you are interested in pursuing your studies with us, we sincerely invite you to send an email along with your comprehensive curriculum vitae (CV).